This is Deepesh Shetty and this is not just my personal blog. I’m a Software Engineer by profession #BigData #HPC #Cloud #MongoDB, I have quite a few interests that I would love to write about. My DOB is 30th JAN 1990,coincidentally it happens to be the same day(not year) when the Father of our Nation – “Mahatma Gandhi” was assassinated by Nathuram Godse 64 years ago. Some call me Gandhi v2.0 and some Godse himself, I’m not both . I believe in three mantras “Fight for a cause not for an applause “,”Fear none when you are right“, and the most important of all”Accept your mistakes when you are wrong“.  I love gaming, Soccer and a Cricket freak. Big fan of #Liverpool, #Mumbai Indians,#Eminem. Active member on Facebook and Twitter. Geek by choice, not by chance :-). I’m good at speaking philosophies….. sometimes it makes sense, most of the time its pure shit. I like dancing though I am bad at it, I’m a bathroom, bedroom and a toilet singer .Basically I sing wherever I go. Oh, forgot to mention my craze towards watching movies. I love my life , my parents , my friends , my Country and the things I do in my life to make me happy and others smile 🙂 .

I will need your views and interpretations, so please feel free to leave your comments/suggestions and you can also send requests.  If you want me to write on any particular issue, you can contact me here.


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